Future On Old (updated)

800px-France_in_XXI_Century._SchoolAround the year 1900, various French, German and Russian artists expressed their vision of the next century on small labels and cards. The art created was derived from the artists’ current environmental, social and technological viewpoint. Some of the artworks are very imaginative but departs from what we would think of as practical. The artists illustrated the idea of great and small public flying vehicles. The idea they expressed is not likely to happen at any time in near the future. The artists dreamed of automation and robotics that eliminated hard labor and personal chores to create a better lifestyle. The art shows technology that adds fun to a sport and other social events that take place on the ground, in water and the air.  Inventive scenarios of technology, science and industry seem to still have relevance today. It is apparent the artists did not consult fashion designers on what clothes would look like in the future. By today’s standards, the attire that is worn underwater is quite entertaining.

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